Monday, 29 June 2015

WCU: 2nd Year Pre-Anniversary Date

Hi there everyone! Today is extra, extra special day. Why? It is because... Today is our second year anniversary. We knew each other for two years now!!! Yey! Two beautiful years gone and passed so fast. I met my fiance, two years ago, and I still remember how I met him. It seems like one of the famous quotations of the greatest writer of all time, William Shakespeare. "When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew." :)

I know, I owe you guys a post of my Weekend Challenge. So here it goes....
Saturday, 27/06/2015, with my FB status: Now happening: Comedy, cheese, whisky, wine, ice cream, D&K. Happy weekend everyone!

Sunday, 28/06/2015, early morning, like 11AM, we went for a grocerry shopping. My very first time to go out in the morning for a grocery. LOL! We cooked pasta together and ate some Nutella sandwich. The pasta was supposed to be our picnic lunch but since it was late, and I really want to go for a water fun activity... We changed the plan. We went to a swimming complex in Sengkang. It was indeed fun! I updated again my FB status: Hi everyone! Tomorrow will be our second anniversary of knowing each other. We're celebrating it right now since tomorrow will be Monday and work again. We're happy to be together, we love each other and we will continue it for always! Cheers!!! Szeretlek my pag-ibig.
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How about you? How's your weekend? I hope you also had fun and enjoyed! Have a lovely Monday and till my next post! Kisses! Love, KG

PS. WCU means Weekend Challenge Update.

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