Monday, 15 June 2015

Nando's Singapore

Yesterday, 15th of June 2015, we went to see D&J couple at The Star Vista, Singapore. We went to church and dine afterwards. I'm so happy, we met my Bukit Batok family too ~ Kuya Arthur, Ate K, Ate Ning and Juyan, surprisingly seated just in front of us! I was always with them attending church before. They were the ones who introduced NCC, and took care of me and my best friend during our first 2-3 months. I learned more of Singapore because of them. I had a good, beautiful memories with them, and they served as my very first family, away from home. Juyan  is indeed tall, pretty girl now, and she no longer join the Rock Kidz. Aww, how time flies so fast! :)

Moreover, here's our lovely dinner time with D&J at Nando's. These restaurant is famous of Afro-Portuguese PERi-PERi flame-grilled chicken. Everything here is chicken... Chicken, chicken, chicken! Ahhh yeaaaah, OK, there's salad too, also wiiiith chicken. LOLz! So if you guys prefer something like fish and chips, Nando's is chicken with different level of spicyness and hotness! :D Nando's is good for casual dining and chill with awesome, good friends. Their chicken is one reaaaaaal good! You will have a great time eating and chatting at their relaxing ambience Nando's restaurant! :)

Currently, in Singapore, PERi-PERi is available in four flavours: Lemon & Herb, Mild, Hot and Extra Hot. Nando's location wise, is also quite a number:
 • Bugis Junction • Plaza Singapura • Tanglin Mall • Tampines Mall • 112 Katong • JCube 
• The Star Vista  • NEX • Lot One • Junction 8 • Changi Airport Terminal 2  
For more information, you may visit their Facebook page, Click Here.

♥ Dhy & Jack ♥ 

♥  Dan & KG ♥ 

It's always a good time to seat and eat with good friends.

I'm very happy to be blessed and surrounded with good friends/people away from my homeland/family. I'm happy to be here in Singapore with my king ~ my fiancé and exposed to a lot of different kind of amazing variety of foods, like Indian, Malay, Thai, Western, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, Afro-Portuguese, Spanish and a looooot more kind of foods! Thank you for all the blessings, Lord. :)
I hope you guys, enjoyed our photos. How about you? How's your weekend? Have a lovely start of the week, and God bless! Peace, Love & Happiness!!! ♥ KG 

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