Thursday, 18 June 2015

Movie Review: Jurassic World (2015)

Hi there everyone! Today, I'll try to write about something. LOLZ! Okay, I'm just thinking to make a review of this movie, Jurassic World (2015). I'll try not to be a spoiler for people who haven't watch this. I know how it feels. So please, SPOILER ALERT!!! Don't read, watch first! :)

Anyway, last Tuesday, 16/06/2015, we went for a Tuesday Movie Date Deal. We went to eat some chicken burritos in mayo cucumber & sweet Thai sauce for me; and mayo and habanero for my Mr. Awesome, fiancé, at our favorite Mexican and Turkish cuisine, takeaway food, The Stuff'd SG. Hmmmm, yummmmmy!!! :D

Moving forward, I can say that the movie is fun and very exciting! The themed park, Jurassic World is just so awesome, the way it made, designed and imagined. I do wonder if it's really in Costa Rica??? (Well, I will need to check on that!) The dinosaurs looks real, pretty calm and sweet that children can ride. The technology used to create the 3D dinosaours image (along the way in the movie) are just so cool that people won't need any oculus rift or special glasses to see them! It was perfectly made after 22 years of planning for this movie! Yes, ideed, the last Jurassic Park showed in movie was 1993. Big clap to the director and all the crew of this awesome movie!!!

Yesterday, I also read from the Business Insider that Marvel sent an awesome congratulations to 'Jurassic World' for breaking the Avengers' box-office record. Jurassic World had a record-breaking opening weekend. It became the first film to ever cross $500 million worldwide in its first weekend.

The Marvel Studios president, Kevin Feige, made a tweet last Tuesday. Below is a funny photo where Owen (Chris Pratt) riding the famed T. rex while the Avengers look on them. On the photo you'll also see that the T. rex holds Thor's hammer, while Thor looks on in utter confusion. LOL! :)
One more thing about this awesome, cool movie. I like the idea that Claire, (Bryce Dallas Howard) the leading lady of Owen is wearing heals in the middle of the jungle themed park. She looks funny and pretty cool running in heals. HAHAHA! Moreover, the two children, Zach (Nick Robinson) and Gray (Ty Simpkins) are just so cute and caring to one another. I love the brother taking care of his little brother in that unexpected, unbelievable dinosour experience. I also like the moment when they jump together on the water from a cliff/waterfalls to escape the crazy T.rex made from diffent combined dinosaur DNA ~ much bigger and more teeth from the normal T.rex.  Well, they say more brighter and smarter as well.

I really like how they made this movie because it's good for almost all age, though there were some words parents must watch out for their children. I just find some words not good for children to practice. LOL. But all in all, I personally recommend this to everyone to watch and enjoy with a good company and food.

Happy watching, and enjoy the rest of the week! :)

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