Monday, 1 June 2015

How to go to Johor Bahru, Malaysia from Singapore

Hi there everyone! Today, 31/05/2015, we went to Johor Bahru, Malaysia to eat some awesome seafood! It was fun and really cheap compared to eating seafood here in Singapore. We had some black pepper crab, oyster, steamed snapper fish, tiger prawn soup, rice, fresh buko juice, for me and Keri, and beers for Zhaolin and my fiancé, Dan.

Anyway, since we went to JB. Let me tell you, guys, on how to go to JB from Singapore. This activity is one of the many ways to spend time with friends during the weekends.
Meeting point was in Kranji MRT, red line, at 3PM. Below is a photo of us inside the bus on the way to JB. :)
On the way to JB, I switched my cellphone to airplane mode, so I won't be charge of any roaming services. I also wrote the simple easy steps to follow on how to do the travel.

1. Take 170 from Kranji mrt (red line)
2. Tap your EZ-link card in the bus, and then out to the departure hall at the exit immigration of SG going to JB, about 15-20 mins ride from Kranji MRT.
3. Make sure you bring your passport and chop/stamp at the immigration counter. No need for a stamp if you're holding an employment pass here in Singpore, they will just scan your passport and check your IC. So be sure your IC is also with you.

4. Board again to 170 or 160 bus, all the way to JB Central. You will need 10-15 mins more to reach JB. Tap your EZ-link card inside and notice, once tap, it will state "Ride resumed." 
Photo shows the water or The Straits of Johor Bahru, separates JB and Singapore.
5. Bus will stop after 10-15 mins. Alight from the bus, and tap out your ez link card.
6. Walk and follow the people towards the immigration clearance of Malaysia. 
7. Find the best and shortest queue. I personally recommend counter 9 or 10, or go all the way to the right side, and avoid the middle. The middle line sometimes become two for one officer. So it will take you more time in queuing.

Picture shows the weekend traffic at the immigration clearance of entering JB, Malaysia. :)
8. Make sure your passport is chop/stamp, before you leave the counter. They may ask for an IC if you're  a pass holder in Singapore. And if it's your first time in JB, they will need your finger print for their record.

9. Thank the officer and leave. 
10. Welcome to JB, be safe and enjoy!
Go and walk straight, all the way to the mall ~ The City Square Mall JB. 
PS. If you're planning on going to JB for shopping, manicure and pedicure, better be early so you'll have plenty of time!

You might be interested to see the Alam Seafood Restaurant and the food we ate, follow this link and Happy Watching! Click Here :)

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