Sunday, 14 June 2015

Halong Bay Kayaking in Vietnam

Hi there everyone! Watch and enjoy our fun kayaking in Halong Bay, Vietnam last December 2014. Feel free to comment below and ask questions if you have. I'll make a post about travel tips in Halong Bay once comments reach to 5. HAHAHA! I'm just lazy to write, but I'll try. :) :P
How to make your travel in Halong Bay fun, cheap and affordable. Game?!
Happy Sunday everyone and enjoy the weekend! Kisses! ♥ :)

PS. Visiting the Halong Bay is really quite expensive compared to Hanoi, or even Bali, Indonesia. But this experience, the Halong Bay cruise is truly magnificent. One day cruise is enough, but if you guys are honeymooners, extend to 3D2N, with good and fun activity like kayaking. :)


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