Thursday, 14 May 2015

What's Your Wedding Style: 10 Questions To Ask

Hi there everyone, three days ago, I answered this with my fiancé. Try it too, it's fun! All questions were from my favorite wedding website I mentioned HERE, in my previous post before. :)

1. What adjectives describe your wedding?
Elegant, romantic, classic, glamorous, modern, vintage, relaxed, intimate, festive, fun, happy, loud, destination

2. Where do you want to have your wedding?
• Where my parents live

3. What's the ideal size for your wedding?
• Intimate (<100)>

4. What's the ideal season for your wedding? (If you have specific dates in mind, jot them down.)
Summer, 28th June 2016

5. What's the ideal time of day you'd like to hold your ceremony?
• Sunset

6. What's your favorite type of color palette?
• Rich jewel tones
• Earth tones
• Soft pastels
• Metallics/neutrals
• Seasonal colors

7. What parties do you need to plan beyond the reception?
• Welcome dinner
• Postwedding brunch
• Island swimming with the family (Atulayan Island)

8. What are your priorities (aka your must-haves) for your reception? (Rank from 1 to 10)
• Time of year/day of week - 1
• Officiant or ceremony location - 2
• Guest list (big family, large invite list) - 10
• Food and drink - 3
• Music (band and/or DJ) - 9
• Reception setting (proximity or type) - 6
• Ambience (flowers and décor) - 5
• Mementos (photo and video) - 4
• Paper elements (invitations and paper details like escort cards) - 7
• Fashion (designer wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses) - 8

9. Whose opinions really matter to you when it comes to planning your wedding day? (Check all that apply; asterisk * who has the final word.)
• You as a couple *
• Friends and attendants ✓
• Your parents ✓
• His/her parents ✓

10. Who's going to help you plan your wedding? (Check all that apply; asterisk* who is in charge.)
• US *
• Your parents ✓
• His/her parents ✓
• A wedding coordinator - Only on the day of the wedding.
• Friends and attendants ✓

PS. For fun read and links, you might want to check it HERE
Exact website link for this Wedding Style Q&A is on that above pink link too. :)

Happy reading and Peace, Love & Happiness! -D&K xx

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