Monday, 25 May 2015

Travel & Itinerary: Bali Trip

Hi there everyone! This is the exact travel itinerary I forwarded to my fiancé. This is how I propose travel itineraries to him. As a team, I do mostly the hotel, flight and activity planning and he's the GPS on the day. I kind of help, but it's not really my talent. LOL. ( Blame it to my iPhone map. :P ) I'm very fortunate to have my Mr. Awesome who is really good in directions! Ohhh yeaaaah! \m/
The itinerary below was actually all booked 5-6 days before our scheduled trip. Highlighted in bold are the final ones we chose to reserve. I would suggest you to book as early as 3-4 months before the planned trip to get the cheaper price. We cannot really plan before in advance due to my employment pass renewal here in Singapore. We probably have travelled Japan or Korea instead, but Bali is really beautiful. :P :P

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Bali, Indonesia - City Map
Bali, Indonesia - City Map

Bali, Indonesia - Tourism Map
Bali, Indonesia - Tourism Map
Bali Trip, 21-24 May 2015

2 Way Air Asia Flight - S$422
(2 pax from Singapore to Bali)

21/5 - Lovina Beach, MY BDAY!!! :)
22/5 - Batur Lake / Tour
23/5 - Kuta & Night Party
24/5 - Flight back to SG

Activities, I planned to do for both of us:
21/5 - Massage / Spa to pamper ourselves, Lovina Activities 
Hotel: Aneka Lovina Villas & Spa S$56.80 *
Rambutan Lovina Hotel S30.40 *
22/5 - Dolphin show, 5AM, Tour & Sight Seeing on the way to Batur Lake, (Maybe drop by to Buyan Lake) Change hotel to Ubud
Kampoeng Joglo Abangan Villa Ubud S$46.75 *
Bunga Permai Hotel S$34.21 *
23/5 - Trekking, Manicure/Pedicure, Beach Swimming, Romantic Dinner, Night time party, Change hotel to Kuta (15 mins by taxi)
Sun Island Hotel Legian S$59.46 *
Hotel Neo Plus Kuta Legian S$39.82 *
The 101 Bali Legian Hotel S$45.92 *
The Royal Eighteen Resort and Spa S$44.69 *
 * Prices is subject to 10% hotel tax, and 10% service charge

Safe trip to both of us, my king!!! I love you.

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