Friday, 22 May 2015

Tips to Make Your Bali Trip Good, Fun, Cheap and Affordable

Bali Weather Facts
Who said Bali is expensive? These are some advice from a second timer in Bali, travelled as a couple.
1. Book your flights 3-4 months before the trip.
This saves a loooot of money, like S$100 bucks. Two way flight to Bali from Singapore can be as low as S$308 - S$320 for 2 pax, including all taxes and service charges.
2. Book hotels as early as 3-4 months.
Good hotels with 4 stars and high travellers' ratings, ranges from S$50 - S$75.
3. Use TripAdvisor for checking best affordable flight tickets and hotels.

4. Plan your itinerary. Check and list down the places you want to visit. You may also download the map, to make a better plan of activities for each day. Sample itinerary and the Bali map, Here
5. Explore/book hotels the farthest from the airport for the first day. This will make your stay more worthwhile and travel almost all of the well-known tourist attraction around Bali. It saves you money and time at all times.
6. Always check the weather before travelling. This is to lessen unnecessary luggage you'll bring with you. Bring appropriate attire/clothes for the destination weather. Bali Weather: Here

7. Pack only necessary items to bring for the trip. Some of my essentials, Things to Bring in Bali
8. Book a driver outside the hotel to tour you around. Sometimes, cab drivers will ask you if you want him to be your driver during your stay. Ask nicely for a better price. Survey around, like inside the hotel and compare. Contact the best with a cheap, affordable price to tour you around during your lovely holiday.

9. Do always check if you need visa upon/before arrival. This applies specially if your nationality is not from the countries of Asia. Check the complete list of countries that require and are eligible for Visa-On Arrivals, and some Bali travel tips: HERE :)

Countries that do not require a Visa to enter Bali. 

Bali, Indonesia Plug & Socket
Bali, Indonesia Plug & Socket
 Brunei Darussalam
 Hongkong Special Administrative Region,
 Macao Special Administrative Region,
10. Check sockets and plugs. This is to avoid buying again. If you already bought from the previous travel, might as well just bring it with you. Either way, you may also request at the hotel's reception. Anyway, for everyone's information, in Bali and Indonesia you can expect the 2 pin socket and plug as used in larger parts of Europe. More information: Here
PS. I made this post before our trip to Bali, and during the planning of our itinerary. I will try to update this again after our trip. :)

**** UPDATE ****

11. Night before your flight, check the travelling distance from the airport to your hotel. "How many kilometres? How many hours to reach your hotel? How much is the transport of your hotel charge from the airport?" These questions are very important and helpful once you reach in Bali, or any destination you're planning to visit. If it's new place, always do check night before! Screen shot and store in your mobile phone.

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