Friday, 22 May 2015

Things to Bring in Bali

For travelling in just 1 week time, it would be better if you don't have luggage to check-in. Don't bring unnecessary items that you won't be able to use during the trip. It's a bit troublesome to carry, plus you need to consider the waiting time inside the airport to collect.

Anyway, for this trip, we will only have a hand carry luggage. Cabin bags should only be at least 7-10kg + 1 handbag/backpack for each. It depends on which airlines you’re travelling, so definitely, you need to check before your trip. We'll be boarding in Air Asia for our Bali trip this year, and their cabin baggage requirements, Click HERE, for more information.

We will have a total of 14 kg + handbag/backpack for each, and these are the following things I intend to bring:
Shampoo / Conditioner
Toothpaste / Toothbrush
Brush / Comb
Body soap
Sunscreen / Insect repellent

"Kikay" kit
Some cute accessories (bracelet/anklet)
Thin (summer) clothes
Swimming suits
Open flat sandals / Flip flops
Trekking Shoes

Cash in IDR
Camera / Chargers
Mini notebook & pen
PS. I actually listed the things I want to bring, but not for a blog post. But since I wrote it in a notepad, might as well post it. In my case, I personally list down the things I need/want to bring so I won't forget anything; and yes, I do prefer to use my own shower belongings than the hotel ones. :)

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