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Some Wedding Photography Trends I Want On Our Wedding Day

Incorporating Instagram #MrAndMrsDaniel
Creating a wedding hashtag for guests to use to upload photos to Instagram and Twitter can help you experience your wedding through their eyes. Apps, like Artifact Uprising, are also allowing smartphone users to then upload those photos from Instagram and create actual printed hardcover books (not to mention calendars and postcards) of their instant artworks. "I even use their products as little preview books for clients," says photographer Corbin Gurkin of Corbin Gurkin Photography.
Note from the future MrAndMrsDaniel: Hello future guest, if you have any social media account like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, we do encourage you to upload photos, tag us and hashtag it with #MrandMrsDaniel. This day is special to us. We would really appreciate the photos you made on the day of our wedding. Thank you. :)
Brady Bunch-Style Bridal Party Photos
Some creative photographers are taking photos of the wedding party separately and then creating playful graphic grid designs in photo albums later. "It's great because those closest to you put a lot of time and money into being a part of the wedding, and it's a nice gesture to provide them with a gift portrait after the festivities are over," says photographer Mel Barlow of Mel & Co.
Note from the future MrAndMrsDaniel: Hello our future sponsors, groomsmen and bridesmaids. We know, you guys, will do a lot of effort to look extra, extra lovely and handsome on the day of our wedding, and we do really appreciate it. As a tribute, feel free to pose and give your best shot on our reception party photo. ♥
Father-Daughter First Looks

The first-look photo has been popular for a while now (see: "Should you do a first look?") and is still going strong. But some brides are having photographers capture their dad's first glimpse of them in white as well. "This trend has deep Southern roots and is definitely a sweet moment during the day. Wedding days can be so busy, and I love that some girls choose to take a few minutes to spend time with their dads," says Genya Garrett of Vue Photography.
Note from the future MrAndMrsDaniel: Hello Papa, I know you're very happy for your beautiful daughter. You raised me well. Let's celebrate, have photos and be happy! I chose my groom because I love him, and he feels the same way for me. Don't worry about us, we'll take care of each other, and we'll give you lovely grand children. :)

Photo Booths with Social Media Integration
Using natural light coming in from behind a couple creates ├╝ber-romantic images. "To achieve this look, you shoot when the sun is setting or rising -- when the light is soft and warm, which flatters the subject. "It's all about the ambience," says Lee. "When you take a stroll early in the morning or at sunset time, everything looks great and romantic." This is a perfect example of relying on Mother Nature -- not filters -- for gorgeous photography.
Note from the future MrAndMrsDaniel: Hello our good looking future guests. The day is special for us, and we thank you so much for coming. Feel free to make lovely photo memories with us on our photo booth corner. :)
Casual Family Photos
Family portraits tend to be some of the more unnatural shots in a bridal album. Seriously -- when do you ever stand in a straight line, with perfect posture, all looking in the same direction, in real life? "Casual family photos are a great new trend because they bring out more relaxed emotions, which can ease tension during family portraits," says Barlow. "They usually take place during emotionally charged times, either right before or right after a wedding ceremony, so anything that keeps the stress level down will usually result in better photos." Your photographer should try unique locations, or catch people hugging and chatting -- being a family instead of moonlighting as models. A more formal shot that's still relaxed? Have everyone join arms in a casual group hug.
Note from the future MrAndMrsDaniel: Our family is much bigger now. Let's have a casual/natural portrait all together. We'll definitely hang it on our wall, in our future home sweet home. Thank you for everything, for making this dream wedding possible wit all of you.
Overhead Shots
Whether you have your photographer take aerial shots of just you two or everyone at your wedding, this is an effective way to capture the spirit of the day. "I'm all about interesting angles, so if there's an overhead vantage point -- especially of the reception tables -- I love taking this shot," Gurkin says.
Note from the future MrAndMrsDaniel: I love to be with you, Mr. Daniel, in photos and even everywhere in the world. I'll be your queen and we'll have three lovely, bright and happy children: Edward, Ysabelle and Paris. We'll continue to grow together, and make our dreams come true.

Selfie Shots
Some social-media-savvy couples are setting up "selfie stations" for their friends and family (a pretty backdrop to shoot themselves having a great time at your wedding). "As a photographer seeking out authentic moments to document, guest selfies can add to a fun and spontaneous atmosphere at any wedding," Gurkin says.
Note from the future MrAndMrsDaniel: Hello to you, our future photographer. We will make lovely photos with you. We know, you'll be tired but we'll give you lovely smiles, and feed you to have energy for our special day. Thank you very much for capturing special moments of our future guests, family members and our wedding day.

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