Monday, 11 May 2015

Series Madness: The Walking Dead

Hi everyone! Today, I'll try to make a review or just write about this cool zombie series, The Walking Dead. Who would have thought, I'm watching this kind of series??? LOL. Well, at least for people who knows me, they knew, I am not really a fan of horror movies. I hate the feeling after watching scary movies. It's always hard to ask me watch a horor movies with friends or even with my fiancé. But anyway, living with my Mr. Awesome made me more cool. Thanks baby! LOL. So.. Yup! I love this series! Awesome good!
There are spoilers ahead.
 My favorite character is Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus.) He's a pro using a bow and motorbike. He's strong both emotionally and physically. I like him because he's quiet, cool and nice. His favorite expression is "uhmmm," then a blank look in his face. From season 1 to season 5, he showed a lot of courage, hope and good values to make the team strong. He had a bad childhood experience, but it didn't stop him to become a good person. He knows what's good and wrong. Deep inside his heart, he's soft and sweet. I super love his character! I thought, there will be like a happy relationship between Beth Greene (Emily Kinney) and him. Unfortunately, Beth was killed in the story. It was sad, because I like her too, for Daryl. :D :D
Moreover, the couple Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun) and Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan) were also good characters in this zombie apocalypse story. I first saw Glenn from season 1, and until season 5 he's still alive! No wonder why, he's a good man too, one of the coolest. I find him cute in season 1, but now he seemed a bit old and serious, typical Korean/Japanese character ~ just make him fat with his mustache and he'll look like a sumo wrestler. HAHAHAHA! Peace!! Maggie is sweet with vintage kind of look. My fiancé said, the way she talk sounds like from an old world. I cannot really explain. You better watch and listen for yourself. Additionally, I find her very cool holding a gun and fighting zombies. My fiancé told me, he's Glenn and I am Maggie. LOL. :D

Watching this series made me overcome my fear of zombies, or maybe in horror movies (???) Well, we haven't try (but soon maybe. LOL!) I still shout a bit, sometimes, and yes, also pinch my fiancé's hands who is just seating beside me because of thrill and excitement. But definitely ONE BIG CHECK for my movie/series bucket list! Yeeeeeey!!! We were even watching this during dinner time. At first, it was "ewwwww," but after awhile, eating with The Walking Dead playing on our screen was just... "Ohhh yeah!" HAHAHAHA! The story is brutal, might not be true or far from reality but the author's imagination was just so goooooood!!! The actors and actresses were also perfect for the story. The zombies were all well painted and costumes looks so natural. They have cool scarry make-up, in normal man/woman clothes and became dirty because of blood and zombie eating man/woman. They walked in a funny way, like a drunk man! LOL! I want to be one of those extra zombies maybe. (Who knows, they'll come and shoot here in Singapore too!!! Awesome!) LOL. But I hope, my zombie character won't die easily. I'll definitely eat one of my favorite characters in the series! LOL! LOL! People will hate my zombie character, for sure, but it's okay, because I'm cool.
I super can't wait for The Walking Dead, Season 6!!! Now, we're thinking what to watch during dinner time. We're done with F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Sherlock Holmes, and Walking Dead. We started Big Bang Theory before but I think, guys will more enjoy this watching. I gave a shot, it was okaaaay, funny but a bit childish. Game of Thrones is on going, and we're waiting for every Sunday's new episode. Hmmm, we'll try Breaking Bad maybe?! I started it but wasn't able to finish before. :D

PS. Making this post made me read a part of there biography. Daryl's personality in real life is indeed interesting. Maggie's accent is special because she's born half American and Scottish actress.
More Facts About The Walking Dead
Genre: Serial Drama, Horror
IMDb Rating: 8.7/10 - ‎507,015 votes
No. of Seasons: 5
No. of Episodes: 67 episodes
(usually maximum 1hr/episode)
Aired: October 2010 - 2015

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