Wednesday, 13 May 2015

My Wedding Dress Choices: Ball Gown or Mermaid

Hello beautiful. These are my best 8 choices for the wedding gown style and design, ball gown or mermaid??? Maybe combination? What do you think? I'll make up my mind soon. I waaaant to try them all! I was thinking before of Bella's Twilight wedding gown, but I'm not so sure if it fits me (??) I think, I like the tube-like design, like my white flowery dress from Abercrombie.  :)
PS. Wedding website soon!!! In the mean time, feel free to visit a new tab, I specially created here on my page, OUR WEDDING PROJECT 101. :)

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Disclaimer: Photos above are not mine. It's all grabbed from The Knot Website Dresses. :)

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