Tuesday, 26 May 2015

My 29th Birthday :)

Hi there everyone! Look what I had on my special day! I'm afraid, I'm getting spoiled by my supeeeeer sweet, like candy, Mr. Awesome, fiancé. OMG!!! I felt like, I'm a child again ~ who got so lucky to have and blow a beautiful, girly cake on her special day!!! I wish, I'm sharing this with all of my friends, specially to all my FB friends and family who spent  their precious time to greet me on my day. I love the cake so much! It's white with two cute pink flowers, a candle and a "Happy Birthday" decoration. It's very beautiful! White is becoming my favorite color now! Honestly, because of my love for the color white, I also learned how to wash white clothes! Well, special mention to Cliodna's Girl, Aira, who tought me on washing white clothes. Thank you babe! :)

Anyway, aside from the beautiful cake, I received a very special and lovely "white with pink colored" rose and a cute, love card with sweet message from my Mr. Awesome, fiancé. The rose was really lovely! I thought, it was fake but real! My very first time to receive a white with pink colored rose. I told myself, I want a rose like that on our wedding day! The card was also very, very cute and sweet! I'm very happy!

Sweet Love Card MessageWhite Birthday CakeWhite Pink Rose

My Fossil Birthday WatchThe Man Behind My HappinessMy Marie Claire Birthday Wedge

I thought, that was all, then... He asked me to get the aircon remote and returned it back again. I was like, "Grrr, what's wrong with my king???" LOL! But I was still smiling. He thought, I saw it already when I took the remote, but I only saw the watch box when I returned the aircon remote control. He gave me a Fossil watch! OMG, I was thinking to buy it for myself. I don't know how to react. I felt like, it's too much!!! My fiancé wants me to accept everything. He added and told me, my happiness is also his happiness. That is very sweet. Thank you, my king! Honestly, the cake and your love is already enough for me. ♥

I feel so happy and thankful for my life! I'm grateful to bid goodbye from my 28 years old of age, and say hello to 29 with upcoming beautiful future and memories waiting ahead. I love my life. I will continue to be happy, share what I have, be always thankful, hope for the best, and chase for my dreams. I will not stop to learn the best of everything, as I can be. I will live and be a better version of myself. As time goes by, with all the love and support I have from my real, good friends, family and my fiance, I will always be a better me, to the greater glory of God. AMDG :)

Thank you, Lord, for everything ~ for my life, with my good and real friends, loving family and my super sweet love of my life, my fiancé.

PS. I also bought myself a good pair of shoes from Marie Claire. It was on a very good deal, and last new piece for my small size feet! I am so fortunate and blessed! Peace, Love & Happiness! ♥


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