Thursday, 7 May 2015

Movie Review: Chasing Liberty (2004)

Chasing Liberty
Hi everyone, today I just want to mention about a movie, me and my cool fiancé just recently watched. It's kind of old. I remembered, I watched it before but I don't know the title. (I'm always like this, forgetting titles. LOL.) I think, it happened because I switched the channel to HBO at home before, but wasn't really able to start the movie, Chasing Liberty from the start.
Anyway, the movie was released in 2004, with IMDb rate of 6.1/10. I can say, not bad for a romantic comedy film. I like both the main characters played by Mandy Moore as Anna, and Matthew William Goode as Ben. They both look awesome and sweet. Only thing is maybe Mandy Moore should have diet a bit for this movie. LOL. But she's pretty sweet, carefree and take note a bit spoiled on this movie. HAHA! I like her! On the other hand, Ben was okaaaay, he is cute, a secret agent with a great passion in photography. He was enough sweet to take care the daughter of the president, Anna. I specially said, "Enough Sweet" due to... Well, he is treating Anna like a girl sometimes and a woman at the same time. I just loved it! Fortunately, I have the best fiancé in the whole world-- treating me like a queen and sometimes like a little girl. You rock, my king! Ohhh yeah! Anyway, so you guys have the idea of what the story is. I won't elaborate it that much, since I encourage you, guys, to watch and enjoy the movie (again, if you watch it already.) It may be kind of old but you will definitely like it! Well, okaaaay, not that very old but one scene was Anna wearing a bell bottom pants. LOL. I remember myself wearing the same when I was in highschool. :D :D
One more thing I loved about this film was the setting of the story. It was quite a number! I love movies touring me around, specially in the old continent of Europe. To list a few… They made us see Prague, Czech Republic with a motorbike scene, the first time Anna met Ben. They also climbed up a rooftop to see an opera on top view. They explored and took a lot of photos in Venice, Italy with a newly found funny friend, who gives them a stack of Six Million Dollar Man stickers, instructing them to post them in random places, and one day, they may come across one and it will make them smile. Awesome cool and funny idea! LOL. Free romantic gondola boat ride at the Grand Canal, and accommodation. They also travelled to Austrian countryside/border, met some jumping group, and did bungee jumping together, Anna with her man. OMG! That was just so super awesome experience! Definitely one of my favorite scenes in the movie! I want to bungee jump too, with my king!!! Moreover they also partied at the Love Parade in Berlin, Germany. I super love their cool, fun itinerary. For sure, they enjoyed shooting this movie!
They also have some scenes in United States, Washington, D.C. and a bit in London, England. I also found out that the exterior scenes of the White House were in fact filmed at Hylands House in Chelmsford, Essex, England, because of its resemblance to the White House. Blueprints of the White House were also used to create a digital replica, which helped make the exterior scenes look authentic. Well, I was really thinking, it wasn't the White House in United States of America. :)
PS. Me and my fiancé watched this film few weeks ago. I just can't stop thinking about it, since we're travelling soon to Hungary, and I want to see Prague!!! It might be during this trip or in the future, it doesn’t matter, but definitely we'll do see you, Prague. I also dream of going to Berlin and see the Berlin Wall, Barcelona to experience ecstasy, and Venice for our sweet honeymoon. HAHAHAHAHA! Let's do it, Mr. Awesome! Ohhh yeah! Twinkling eyes *-*

Happy dreaming everyone! I mean, happy watching everyone! Hahaha! Peace, Love & Happiness! :D :P
Source: Wikepedia. PINK links, for more information. :)

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