Sunday, 10 May 2015

Links for Newly Engaged Couple

Just Got Engaged? Well, me too! Congratulations! Here's my words for you! :)

Anyway, I've read about this and took some fun quiz.
Check it out! You might like it too. Xoxo :)

First Wedding To-dos: Read Here
What Your Wedding Style: Q&A Here
Wedding Style Theme: Fun Quiz Here

Wedding Bouquets & Meaning: Click Here

First Dance Music: Click Here & Update 2015

Gift Registry
FAQs and Tips About Having a Bridal Registry

Double Happiness Gift Registry – This is an online wedding gift registry that offers product items from their partner stores and get them in one list. Purchases can be made both offline and online.
Our Wishing Well – This is also an online wedding gift registry where bridal couples can create a registry and invite guests to make contributions through gifting.

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