Saturday, 30 May 2015

John Legend - All of Me (Tiësto's Birthday Treatment Mix)

Last night, we were in Clarke Quay and met Zhaolin, my fiance's Chinese good friend who specializes in programming drones. It was fun Friday night! Everyone's first time to go home before the last train in town. LOL! Are we getting old? Nah, it was good to catch up and plan for "somehow" long weekend, because of the holiday on Monday, The Vesak Day. :)
Anyway, I'm posting this song because of the last night jam. The band performing at the famous bridge of Clarke Quay sang this song. Indeed they have a beautiful voice and good taste in music! They made the bridge more relaxing to have fun and chill. Moreover, it's funny how my fiancé suddenly reacted when he heard the introduction of this music. LOL. "This one is your favorite." HAHAHA! Ok, now I'll admit, I guess, I am. My favorite maybe since two months now. :) :P
I personally prefer the remix though. It's more lively, and okaaay, maybe... I can't stop thinking of the Ibiza beach, the sweet group of couples dancing with this music. Listening to this song makes me feel like... Me & my king, sweet and romantically dancing with the crowd, or just chilling at the beach, holding hands while walking on the sand and watching the lovely beach sunset.
PS. Check out the awesome music video, and happily daydream with the love of your life! You may stop the music on my website before you start playing this for a better experience. Happy Saturday everyone! Peace, Love & Happiness. -KG

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