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Singapore: DK in Lola's Cafe

Hi everyone! I'll update this again. For now, I'm just in a mood to upload pictures. We had a beautiful welcome from 1st of May. I hope you all enjoyed the holiday too. Greetings from me and my king! Love, KG :)

PS. Link from our first time snacks in Lola's before. Click HERE

04/05/15 Hello everyone, sorry for the late update. We've been busy for these past few days, roaming around Singapore and enjoying the day. Anyway, as promise, here's one part of our 1st of May escapade. :)

We went to Lola's Cafe and had our super late brunch (breakfast + lunch) before heading to our planned destination for the day -- Gardens by the Bay to see Tulipsmania in the Flower Dome. Check links, for more information of our lovely travel stories.

It was past 3PM already so the menu offered was Starters, Desserts and Drinks only. We ordered Truffle Fries, Honey Paprika Crispy Wings, Iced Cappuccino and Mocha. It was a lovely and short date in Lola's Cafe. I didn't really expect that we enjoyed our time eating outside of the place. LOL! We have pictures to prove our lovely and full of fun brunch date.

Lola's Cafe Menu

DK in Lola's Cafe

Lola's Cafe Menu

Lola's Cafe Truffle Fries

Lola's Cafe Iced Cappuccino & Mocha

Lola's Cafe Honey Paprika Crispy Wings

It was a delicious Truffle Fries and Honey Paprika Crispy Wings!!!

Truffle Fries, $12
Menu Description: Fries, Truffle Oil, Grated Parmesan
Taste Wise: It seems like marinated with garlic. IDK and I am not sure about it, but we definitely like how it tasted!
Quantity wise: 2-3 pax

Honey Paprika Crispy Wings, $10
Menu Description: Chicken Wings, Honey & Spices
Taste Wise: The taste including the food presentation is very good and unique! It gives me the idea of Western and Indian menu all at the same time.
Quantity Wise: 2-3 pax

Iced Cappuccino, $5.50 / Iced Mocha, $6
Taste is good, but we prefer the mocha though. In my opinion, nothing is really special with those drinks. Iced Mocha was like milo dinosaur with ice, presented with milo at the sides of the glass. Cappuccino seems like the 3-in-1 White coffee with ice, taste pretty normal for me. It would be nice if they are also offering frappucino or the blended ones.               
In the evening, place wise, you'll see more a lot of students hanging out on this place, waiting, queuing and just chilling with friends. Inside is not that very big, only few tables and a bit not for couple date ambience, more on relaxing with friends, or doing assignments with friends after school. But for the second time round, here in Lola's Cafe, I can say, the service is exceptionally good with friendly and very nice crews. Food is a bit pricey but awesome! * All prices above is subject to 7% GST.

So if you guys are just around Kovan MRT, few steps away and you'll see this Cafe. It might have a queue but the food is great and a must try! Just also remember, this cafe is not for a "romantic couple date" or "silent relaxing ambience." This is a place to somehow chill with good foods, and feel to be surrounded with the students’ life in Singapore. Add: 5 Simon Rd, Singapore 545893 / Tel: +65 62840349

PS. We always want to try the brunch and dinner but I don't know why, most of the time, we think about Lola's Cafe is during snacks time. Well maybe because of the queue too. We will try again next time. Happy eating! ;)

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