Thursday, 21 May 2015

Birthday Surprise: Trip to Bali, Indonesia

Last Thursday, I received this!!! OMG! I'm the happiest! Right away, I checked hotels. I also checked flights where was really cool and very affordable! My fiancé booked the trip next day, which was Friday. If we book it Thursday, price much be more lower. Anyway, I'm supeeeeer so excited!!! I have the sweetest fiancé eveeeer! This will be our second trip to Bali.
Trip to Bali, 21-24 May 2015
2 Way Air Asia Flight - S$422
(2 pax from Singapore to Bali)
The itinerary, I told him right after he confirmed the flight bookings:
21/5 - Ubud, MY BDAY!!! :)
22/5 - Batur Lake / Tour
23/5 - Kuta & Night Party
24/5 - Flight back to SG
Activities, I planned to do for both of us:
21/5 - Massage / Spa to pamper ourselves
22/5 - Tour & Sight Seeing
23/5 - Change hotel to Kuta, Manicure/Pedicure, Beach Swimming, Romantic Dinner, Night time party
The itinerary and activities I made in my mind is relaxing. We never really had the time to spend a night in Ubud before since our hotel was mostly around Kuta which is the Southern part of Bali near the airport and live party place.
Today, Saturday, 16/5/2015, as I'm checking hotels, I went across to this Lovina Beach, which is Northern part of Bali. I'm thinking to change our itinerary on the 21/5, my birthday. What struck me the most in Lovina was the early morning, 5AM, dolphin show activity. I'm very curious to see dolphins making sounds and swimming in the sea water. Changing our itinerary means, everyday, we are travelling. It's quite troublesome to always change hotels. Anyway, I'm also thinking if we will have a car like before, with Jimbo, our very good Bali driver and acted as our tour guide during our January 2014 trip to Bali, then this holiday will definitely be good even everyday travelling. :)
I love to plan our travel itinerary sooooooo much! It's my assignment whenever we go on holiday. I'm the booking/itinerary planner and he's my awesome and safe GPS on the day. I really love our team, D&K! Safe flight and Happy Birthday to me!!!
PS. I'll make this visible in public on the day of my birthday for safety purposes. :)

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