Saturday, 18 April 2015

Tips For Using a GoPro Camera

Hi everyone. I'm using a GoPro Hero3+ in Silver Edition since last year, end of August 2014. I bought it as a gift/reward to myself, before going to my dream city, Paris France. Since then, I played and learned to use it. I am not a pro in photography at all. I'm still learning, and I must say when it comes to photos, I have a good taste. I just love photos soooo much! :D
If you're new to GoPro, below tips might help you. If you're a pro, then you might want to drop me some comments to improve my passion in photography using this cute, sports GoPro camera.

1. GoPro selfie without the selfie stick. Don't extend your hands very much if you want to take photos or videos of yourself. Bend it a bit so it wont show in the photo or video. Don't mind if it's too near. GoPro doesn't capture like a mobile phone. It has a wide angle glass lens that captures everything from the background too. This is good for capturing couple shot. We did this mostly in Europe to capture great photos of us with the well known buildings or monuments.

2. After clicking the GoPro shot button. Don't move your hands right away, stay steady for awhile, like 2 to 3 seconds for a better photo quality.

3. Connect your phone to navigate. If you're new to GoPro, you better try this! It's very helpful to learn how to make good photos and videos using this very cute and handy sports GoPro camera. Install the application on your phone and connect to GoPro wifi whenever you want to take a photo or a video.
4. Raise your hands to capture an open straight space, like a big garden, a big pond fountain, straight hall in a palace, beach and the sea. It works for me, even without connecting to my phone. 

5. GoPro photo in an elevated area. Take a photo/video align with your eyes or shoulder.

6. GoPro in taking a photo of a tower/building. Go to a good place 30-50 meters away from the subject. (Depends on the height of the subject. If it's not that high, then no need to be very far.) Have a seat and enjoy the view. Make yourself comfortable. Once satisfied with your location and position, seatdown and take a photo/video from the side of your legs or infront of you, align with your shoulder and facing the camera up with the subject.

7. GoPro underwater. The best is to use it from the side if you're swimming and taking a video/photo selfie of yourself. If it's in front of you, then bend your hands a little bit so your arms won't show from the photo or video.

8. Sunblock your GoPro. This is awesome! The conventional way is to lick the lens port, but you might need to do it a lot of times. To avoid  water drops and greasy cloudy lens, just put a little amount of sunblock on the casing outside around the lens port, and voila, you're ready to make awesome underwater photo/video shot!

All the best, and happy making lovely photo/video memories with your loved ones. 
Peace, love & happiness! Xoxo, KG

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