Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Stuff'd SG | Mexican. Turkish. Delicious.

Have you heard about Stuff'd SG? This is absolutely good stuff with its Mexican and Turkish cuisine of Chicken and Beef Kebabs, Burritos and Quesadillas. Only available for take away food. They are open everyday, from 10AM to 10PM and currently have 3 branches located at City Square, Vivo City and Bugis Junction. Price ranges from $5 - $8, all below $10.

City Square Mall (Take exit I from Farrer Park MRT)
#B1-K1, 180 Kitchener Road, City Square Mall, Singapore 208539
Vivo City - 1 Harbourfront Walk, S(098585)
Bugis Junction - B1-K7, 200 Victoria Street S(188021)

Some words to personally describe Stuff'd SG: Easy and fun to eat. Take away healthy food. Mexican and Turkish style flavor of Chicken or Beef Kebabs, Burritos and Quesadillas. Yummylicious Halal food! Go & try it! Awesomely great and value for money. You'll absolutely love to come back for more!

Interesting Fact: They have this step-by-step process that you can choose different toppings and sauce. You can also add hummus, guacamole or cheese for an extra dollar. Exceptionally healthy and taste very good!

Me and my fiancé accidentally found this last October 2014 in City Square Mall. We were still bf/gf that time, and waiting for friends/colleagues for movie watching. I am not really a fan of burgers, so instead of McDonald's, (where our friends went) we bought this Kebab from Stuff'd, just in case we'll be hungry. We only bought one to try and was so surprised with the taste from our first bite! It was awesome! Yummmmmy!

Their serving is big, which I cannot really finish in one seating. The food presentation is good and taste exceptionally great! We're currently now a fan of burritos and quesadillas, in beef flavor with mayo cucumber and spicy barbecue, for me. My fiance likes the habanero and mayonnaise. The habanero is actually a super spicy sauce, which gives my fiancĂ© some funny burps. LOL! It tastes really good. It’s only spicy, from both ends. As for the unlimited toppings, I usually choose butter corn, a bit of mashed potato and couscous. I honestly first time saw and tasted couscous in this Stuff'd SG. It looks like grind cheese/rice but it's actually a durum wheat, a kind of pasta. I also added some hummus for my burrito, and cheese for my king's quesadilla.

Go and check it out! You'll absolutely love it and come back for more!

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