Friday, 24 April 2015

Salon Review: D'Glamour

Hola beautiful! Thinking to do your nails? Well, not anymore. Here's one for you! D'Glamour, it's new in the city. Located in Orchard Singapore, beautifully made for Barbies like you.

Tel: (+65) 6735-1631
Add: 304 Orchard Road, #02-084, SG 238863

Last Sunday, 19/04/2015, was my very first time to experience nails salon here in Singapore. I don't usually ask someone to do my nails, because for me, it's a waste of money, as I can do it perfectly on my own. Besides, living in a very expensive country, like Singapore, you would think twice before going to a nail salon. But sometimes, it's good to treat yourself, pamper, spoil and indulge yourself to a relaxing "Girly Time Activity" because we also simply deserve it! We did good for working so hard and earn at home, in the office, fields, restaurants or wherever your work is. So if you feel like treating yourself to a good nail salon, don't think twice, JUST DO IT! You will never regret taking care and spoiling yourself! It's relaxing and very fulfilling.


Anyway, it's been exactly 5 lovely days since I did my nails in this Barbie-like-room, D'Glamour, with purple and white themed interior design. The location is one of the most busiest city in Singapore, but the moment you enter the room or even just seeing it from the outside, WOOOOOW! The feeling, ambience and music is just so relaxing. Above is a photo of me seating in a purple Barbie couch inside D'Glamour, with different colors of OPI and gelish nail polish displayed on the wall.

The service was extra-great! Relaxing ambience with a good love song from the 90's, people are happy inside, and talking in a minimum voice. Price is okaaaaay. Apologize if I cannot really perfectly compare it from the other salon in town, since this is my very first time here in Singapore. But according to my Singaporean friend, Jasmine, classic gelish manicure here usually ranges from $60-$80 + surcharges. The price I paid, or should I say, my fiancé paid, was only $55 for my classic gelish manicure and $25 for the classic OPI pedicure. Total of $80, the budget my fiancé gave me, before going out. So considering, my friend's price to $55 classic gelish manicure, is a good deal! I feel great and satisfied with the service I got!

4th Day :)
My nails, (both feet and hands) are cleaned, dead skins out, cut very well, painted and looks sooo shiny and fantastic! It is all colored in shades of pink, just like Barbie. Ohhh yeah! #feelingbarbie LOL! I just love it!

5th Day :)
I thanked my handsome, cool sponsor, no other than - my amazing Mr. Awesome fiancé, Mr. Dan Daniel, for encouraging me to visit a nail salon here in Singapore. Thank you for thinking of me my king, for treating me with this fun Girls' Stuffs Activity, and patiently waiting for me inside the nail salon. I super, duper appreciate it.

Just Some Trivia:
- D'Glamour offered a lot of services, like hair, nails and face related. Call for appointment is better!
- I just saw D'Glamour on the way for looking a good, relaxing nail salon.
- Singapore's fast paced environment can be stressful. Chill and learn to balance your life.
- Treat/reward yourself once in a while. It helps to move you forward and aim for more.
- Back in Philippines, the normal manicure with normal nail polish, woks for me only 2-3 days. Definitely a waste! So I usually do my nails, back in college.
- In life's experiences, we always learn. :)

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