Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Philippines 2015

As promised, here's a short clip of our Philippines holiday, last 2nd-9th April 2015.

I lost a lot of photos after updating my iPhone 5s to iOS8. It was too sad to bear especially during the first 2 days. I cried because my fiancé is not allowing me to be sad. I needed to be sad, to move on and start smiling back again. Pls. always do backup your phone before updating, especially for those installed apps, like Camera360. I've learned my lesson and I don't want it to happen to anyone. Anyway, I'm OK now. All the beautiful memories will always be treasured inside my heart. I'm very happy; I also have my GoPro Hero3+ in Silver Edition. I still have a lot of photos and videos, I can always look back. :)
Enjoy and happy watching guys! Comments and feedback are welcome to improve DK Productions. LOL! Happy Day everyone! Xoxo, Dan & KG ♥

Special credits to everyone who made our Philippine holiday trip extra lovely and fun. Many thanks to my loving family for giving my fiancé a very warm welcome, to my mom and dad, for cooking and preparing totally awesome, good foods, like natong "gabi", fish in coconut milk, jackfruit "langka", kinunot na pating, longganisa, "latik", spaghetti, and a looooot more! To our Hobo Hotel sponsor, my grandmother, Mama Aleng, to our sweet driver, my brother, Carlo, travel buddies, my little brothers, Vic and Dave. To my Lola Oren, sister, Katina May, nephew, Gabriel Nathan, bez Arriane Jane, godchild, Steve, sister-in-law, Katrina, Bon and Ysaac family. My apologies if I perhaps do not mention everyone; but definitely, we are very grateful to your presence. Gracias a todos! Till we all meet again.
PS. Some highlights I experienced in leaving my motherland during this trip:
· The very first time I didn't feel sad leaving Philippines for Singapore. I'm really surprised!
· The most relaxing exit from the Philippines immigration. Awww!
· One more thing, we finally received our family blessing to soon become officially king and queen! I'm engaged!!!

Thank you for everything, my king. I'm the happiest queen! :)

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