Thursday, 30 April 2015

My Gift Choices for my Birthday

Yey, time to reward myself! I have a good reason because it's my birthday, and my pass was just approved yesterday!!! Yeheeeey! Thank you, Bro, for all the blessings. Special mention, yesterday was also our Monthsary! I have all the reason to celebrate and be jolly.
Here are some of my birthday gift choices for myself.
A gold necklace with a K pendant
I'm done with my research. Different types of gold. I think, I'm ready to buy one. Thank you to Madgirlreviews for this very informative post about gold.
Silver color watch
I'm thinking about Fossil brand. I know the brand is good but I'm still thinking, maybe just thinking. :)
My personal options: Option 1Option 2 :)
Small baking oven
No specific brand. The cheaper with a good quality maybe (?) IDK. I just want to learn baking!!! :)
Phuket/Krabi holiday
I'm done with my research for good deals. I'm not sure if it change though. I stop checking since my leave holidays is not updated yet.
Swim with the dolphins with my fiancé
I'm done with my research. I even watch a Youtube video of it. Quite interesting since I love swimming, very unique experience but freaking expensive, $190/person for an hour with 15 minutes orientation!!! We better wait for a good deal of this swimming with the dolphins activity. ;)
PS. Countdown starts now!!! 21 more days before my birthday! :)

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