Sunday, 19 April 2015

Movie Review: Cinderella (2015)

Last Tuesday, we went to City Square Mall to watch a movie and take advantage of the Tuesday Movie Deal.

We were choosing between this 3 movies, Cinderella, John Wick and Insurgent. The Furious Seven is not on our list anymore since we already watch it in Manila with my sister during our Philippines holiday. It was good! Our first time movie in SM MOA, and I was honestly sleeping (first time too.) HAHAHA! We had a super hectic schedule in Philippines! We plan to watch it again, but in just downloaded copy. :D :D

Anyway, we chose Cinderella over the 2 other movies mentioned above, since it has the highest rating from IMDb. Me and my fiancé, Dan, always do this. He give me choices of movies, and to narrow down, we choose the one with the highest rating. I was very happy and excited since it was a princess Disney movie. I'm already 28 but still get excited with Disney movies/cartoons. LOL. I honestly can watch again and again Disney movies nonstop with children and still enjoy it. I knew, the Tuesday movie was for me! YEY! Thank you baby boy. You are my king!

I super love the part when Cinderella went to the castle for a royal ball and met again Kit, the prince. She seemed like walking and floating with her enormously beautiful blue dress and a lovely pair of glass shoes. They danced together and that was just soooooo sweet. I imagined myself and my king. I want that scene on our wedding day! :)

Moreover, the story encouraged everyone specially young children to always have courage and be kind. These two life ingredients are the great secret that will help you through all the trials life has to offer. The scene of Cinderella's dying mom also touched me, when she told Cinderella to always have courage and be kind.

Cinderella and the king lived happily ever after. They ended the story to a royal wedding and emphasized again the moral lesson: to have courage and be kind.

PS. Richard Madden who acted as the prince in Cinderella was Robb Stark from the Game of Thrones. He looks familiar but I cannot really remember since he changed a lot too! LOL!

Game of Thrones is back for Season 5, and tomorrow will be the GOT-S5E2. Don't forget to watch it too! :)

Xoxo, KG ♥
Peace, Love & Happiness. Happy Weekend everyone!

* Background music is from the movie, Cinderella 2015, Lavender's Blue (Dilly, Dilly)

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