Wednesday, 29 April 2015

I'm engaged!!! What's next???

The feeling of being engaged is just soooo AWESOME! I really feel, I'm enjoying the status as an engaged couple, hanging out and dating like bf/gf, but it's different! My fiancé is no longer my boyfriend anymore. He's my fiancé, my husband-to-be! OMG! Kind of (still) new to me! Few weeks ago, honestly, after the engagement, I felt weird, hearing about husband and wife, from my fiancé! HAHA! Not because, I don't like the idea, but more on the feeling of excitement and a bit nervous of having a family. LOL. I think, it's normal. I felt the same, imagining myself walking down the aisle. (Well, you may wonder why. The reason is, because…  I don't like so much of people's attention. Surprisingly, I love photos, but I am a camera shy person.) But now, I'm just supeeeeer excited to think about it! "I want to be a beautiful bride on the day of our wedding day!" Twinkling eyes! *_*

Anyway, the big day will be on next year, end of June 2016 in Naga City, Philippines. I'll definitely be a June bride with my June groom! LOL! I need to specially mention that because my fiancé will say again, for sure, "Me too! Me too!" LOL! LOL! :D

I saw my Aunt before when I was 11 (if I'm not wrong) rushing with so many things, and a loooot of phone calls regarding her wedding preparation. As far, as I remember, she seemed stress though she specially had a wedding planner. I think, it's better if we don't rush at all. Hopefully and praying, 1 year and 2 months of preparation will be just perfect for our special day!

Any advice or experience you want to share to a newly engaged sweet couple, aside from saving a lot of money for the wedding? Have you ever think about of something, you guys wish knew earlier before the big day? Perhaps, to help in the wedding preparation and just enjoy the whole process, less stress?

Cheers to more peace, love and happiness for everyone!

PS. Here's my words for couples who just been engaged, like us. Click Here :)

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