Saturday, 21 March 2015

I'm Engaged!

Who would have thought, I'll be engaged this month, last Wednesday, 18th of March 2015?! OMG! I can't get over it! Everytime, I think about it, in the morning when I wake up, I'm engaged with my king!!! At the mrt, while walking, I'm engaged! I have a fiancé! I can't help but smile to myself. I love my ex-BF now fiancé!!! HAHAHAHA! 

I still need to practice calling him my fiancé. I think, even him. LOL! We're still not used to fiancé/fiancée. You will hear us laughing whenever we call each other, "my fiancé/fiancée." Honestly, it feels good calling him, "my fiancé," and hearing him call me the same. I'm so in love with my future husband-to-be, my fiancé! I'm engaged!!! :D

The Proposal. I was really surprised! I came from work and when I reached home, OMG!!! The moment I opened the door, I saw a rose, a cute note from my king, petals of red roses, and candles on the way all over the pathway until third floor, in our room. I wanted to take photos but I was so excited to see him. In my mind, I also don't want to ruin his plan. I never collected the roses. I just took the sweet note on the floor, took 2 rush photos and went up to our room. LOL! I was ecstatic! I even forgot to do what I was thinking from the MRT on the way home. I wanted to pee and get a water before going up. Grrrr! But what surprised me the most -- was him, waiting inside our room, wearing clothes in a formal attire, long sleeved shirt and pants with a glass of cold water. He absolutely knew me! It was so sweet. I felt like, I'm attending a surprise JS prom in highschool. And there's my handsome love of my life, my king fetching me. I was so happy but didn't drink water at all. I knew, I'm thirsty! IDK why?! Did I forget or what? IDK. HAHAHA.

Inside our room was just romantic, as eveeeer, with dimly illuminated by the Christmas simple white/yellow lights (which I didn't take out after X'mas since it is relaxing to use it sometimes,) cute, little scented candles on the floor, petals of red roses, 3 red roses plus my handsome king! I was speechless. I wanted to wear something cute too! He said hi and I hugged him. He hugged me back and asked me to seat. Then, the moment caaaaame!!! He bended his knees (OMG!) and looked at me. I can't stand it. He was too cute that I wanted to give him a hug. I was shy because I felt like my tears of joy are coming. I felt like everything suddenly stopped, and only me and him, then the world suddenly starts to rotate back again in a sweet, slow motion paced. It was lovely! He was too sweet and just... beautiful. In my mind, I love this man with his bended knee right now and will soon ask me any moment to be his queen! I can still imagine his happy, cute, and excited face. I never let him ask or talk. I just said, "I do. I do. Yes, yes my king!" HAHAHA! He hugged me back, the sweetest hug ever and said something, words that I will always treasure for the rest of my life. It feels just so real, perfect and heart warming! In the end, he added "I want you to marry me. Baby, will you marry me?" He bended his knees again and gave me the beautiful engagement ring! It was indeed a wonderful moment. ( Twinkling, dreaming eyes! *.* )

It seems like a beautiful love story from a book of a famous author, Nicholas Sparks, but it was all real. It was me and my king, my ex-BF now fiancé! I love everything about me and my king. It feels like everything is just good, alive and perfect. With the two of us, we can do everything - everything wonderful, a reality sweeter than a dream. You and Me is just a dream come true.    


Photos were taken after he proposed and went down to get the cold, soothing Pol Gesner champagne. The drink was simply ideal for the sweet and special moment that just happened that day! One funny thing was when my fiancé went down again to get some Subway sandwiches. HAHAHA! He was all prepared. Never a moment, he made me hungry at all. He is just really so cute and sweet like candy! It was perfect to urgently feed our hungry stomach. 

I'm very proud of you and us, my king! I will always be here, by your side and support you. I'll be a good wife and a cool, hot, awesome future mother to our lovely and bright little prince and princesses. Once you're ready, I hope you won't forget to go back to school and take PhD. By that time, I'll be happy to call my husband, Dr. Daniel.  

PS. Excuse my funny face, with big and puffy eyes. >.<

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