Monday, 2 March 2015

Book Review: An Indulgence a Day, 365 Simple Ways to Spoil Yourself

Yey! I found a new book to enjoy with my king! I'm so happy because I got it in a very good price, even more with a 50% discount! I got it for only $4.45, (not even $5) at Bedok Point during lunch break last Friday. I was just browsing and reading books per books while waiting for my time. It's funny! The color took my attention. I opened and flipped some pages and it made me smile reading it! The book fits me and my boyfriend since mostly every weekend we're thinking of what things to do and enjoy here in Singapore. It seems like a Daily Bread mini book for lovers/couples and can be for singles' activity in 365 days. I showed it to my boyfriend, and he likes it too! No one will be bored reading it, I guess. :D

So far, we owned the book like 3 days now! I found out that both of the authors, Andrea and Patrick, is a couple. They made the book fun and interesting, so I'm guessing they are sweet and happy couple too. I told my BF we can do better book than this. LOL! LOL!
Anyway, we used the book, flipped and took the best we can do, at least for yesterday's fun activity. It's funny because my BF made the book like a game! He flipped nonstop back and forth. He will only stop once I said stop. We will choose the best from both pages, left and right. So we played and went to the pages 106 and 107 where one of the choices is to buy a vibrator. Other 2 choices were get a library card, collect funny quotes from family and friends and fantasize about your wedding. LOL! We chose the best from both sides, left and right, but in the end we changed the plan and went to stroll in Singapore Botanic Gardens. We had an afternoon date out, sat on the grass, checked the turtles and the black swan, talked, strolled, took photos and hold hands. Too early to plan for small, small details of our big dream wedding, though yes, of course, we do have plans already and started to fantasizes before during the Twilight movie series watching. Even cute baby names of our future prince and princesses. LOL! I love talking with you, my king, any topics and everything under the sun! I'm soooo happy to be with you. <3 :)
I only had one feedback to the book so far, after reading the introduction and flipping some of the pages. I think, the target readers was only the American citizen and maybe okaaaay, for people living in USA (but more on with the American nationality??) Please correct me if I am wrong. The introduction states something like this, "As Americans, we..." where in my opinion, it would be more appropriate to say.. "As a man,..." USA is a multicultural country, containing several cultural and ethnic groups. Mentioning "As Americans" will just limit the audience or readers of the book. Some of the activities mentioned, like with places, inside the book is also can only be found in USA. People can always be creative but some are just simply not gifted to understand so they might like the book but reject it after awhile.

Just a quick of advice, if the book mentioned a place and an activity, but you're not in the same place with the authors. Like for example to do some treasure hunt at the beach, then the place mentioned is in USA, just be creative! Beach fun activity and hide some treasures you can play with your special one! It can be his/her favorite chocolates or sweet love letters. Hide it in the sand and do the treasure hunt exchange. Enjoy and eat the chocolates found together and read the love letters aloud for each other. Or else, you may want to skip it for awhile and once you had the money and time to travel to US, if you're still decided to do the activity and who knows faith will also make you stay there, then save that activity and do it once you're there! It's never too late. ;)

Love and always treat yourself good. It's a way to acknowledge your personal achievements and keeps you more going. Never give up hope and always chase for your dreams. Learn to share, always be kind and appreciate everything big or small. Soon, you'll see BIG and GREAT changes in your life. Peace, Love & Happiness everyone! xx

Try this book, a lot of simple things to make you stay and more happy, reduce anxiety and treat yourself right. :)


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