Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Follow me to Paris

♥ Thank you for the love and always holding my hands, my king! ♥ 

Since my king is out for a band practice tonight, I decided to check some of our photos in his laptop. I came through this one of my favorite shots in Paris with the Eiffel Tower and my king's hand holding my hands, inspired by the Russian model/actress, TV host and blogger, Ms. Natalia Zakarova. I first saw her in Instagram, from his BF/photographer account and in an article last 2013 in The Huffington Post. I find her very pretty, and her pictures are just amazing, touring you all around the globe! I like her photos (like this shot,) with her BF/photographer, Mr. Murad Osmann, in their Follow Me Project. By the way, upon writing this, I found out that she also just revealed the face of her BF/photographer and it's in the news today! Yey! :D

Anyway, I still can't believe, we made it to Paris! I started to dream about Paris since year 2010, and honestly learned to save for seeing the old continent, last 2012. I want to go and see Paris, France and buy a signature LV bag as a big reward for myself! This picture is just one proof that dreams do come true if you believe in yourself. Many thanks to my Mr. Awesome for this lovely shot, sharing this wonderful moment and helping me with my dreams to become a reality. You, my king, is my sweetest dream come true. ❤️

Focus on where you want to go, and not on what you fear. -Anthony Robins

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