Tuesday, 24 March 2015

BDO Internet Banking Review

BDO have finally launched an online banking!!! Yey! But if you're outside of the Philippines, you cannot just activate it right away, since you still need to wait for a call from a BDO Customer Service Officer for the verification of your enrollment within five (5) working days. You will be contacted at the mobile number indicated in the enrollment form. Otherwise, if you're in the Philippines, you may use a BDO ATM machine to complete the activation/registration process. You will need to enter the activation code they will give you at the end of the registration.

I am not very sure when it started but last 2012, when I went back to the Philippines for a holiday and inquires about it, the process was manual. You need to submit documents, photos and etc. at their branch, and process everything personally. It was a bit dissapointing since I have a very limited time to get all the requirements, wait and queue inside the bank. I was on a holiday and not for an online banking application! >.<  

Yesterday, since I was planning our itinerary going back to the Philippines this next month. I decided to also check the BDO online requirements. It was a surprised to learn about their new internet banking, I found from their website.

After trying and playing with it, I can say that the system is still not pretty perfect. It seems like, I'm sorry, but maybe I'm expecting too much because of the online banking here in Singapore, I am used too. I know, I should not compare but I can't help it. Feedbacks are very important during this time. I encourage users to email or contact the bank as soon as they may encounter errors or inconvenience of the service. 

You may email for help: Contact BDO
Some FAQs you need to know, including benefits of BDO Internet Banking: Click Here

In registering, do take note to use a gmail email account to avoid unnecessary inconvenience. I first used my Apple icloud account and received an email from BDO that content cannot be displayed. IDK why? I got a bit pissed since registering doesn't really have so much information. It took me some time to register with some simple questions. I have to Google and check comments in trying to register. (FYI, Read the "Notes to Remember."  I hope it will help to save you time.) I emailed BDO for assistance since it was also stated there to email the recipient to re-send the email to another format so I may read. I replied the email but sadly, it bounced back into my inbox. I went to the contact page of BDO and write. Someone replied me and mentioned to delete my application and try again, since they cannot re-send the email. On the other hand, I didn't really wait for the reply. Their customer service is fast, efficient and professional. 

Honestly, I don't even know how to go to my application page since I never receive an email at all. Grrrr! I played again and tried their website. Finally, I found out, I need to try to login and it will prompt me to the pending application, I made, where I can also cancel. :D

How to register: Click Here

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