Tuesday, 3 February 2015

You are not allowed to get sick!

I got sick and took MC for two (2) consecutive days. I stayed at home (and managed to collect my passport. Yey! I can go and start travel again, of course with my travel buddy, my best friend, my baby boy and my king! I'm excited!) The 2 days MC was fun and awful. Well, who wants to be sick? Nobody, right?! But making me stayed at home, honestly, made me feel lazy going back to work. :P

I had a total of 3 days MC's for the month of January. I got really sick! My mind wants to go to work, but my body just can't. The medicines the doctor gave me the first time I took MC was for colds instead of for coughing. I don't even have colds! Grrr! I'm just happy when I returned back to the same company clinic I went to, it was a different doctor - more professional, good and familiar of what he is doing! He advised me to stop everything, the medicines from the previous doctor, which I don't actually continued, since it made me feel so indifferent! HAHA. I got easily irritated, mad and upset. IDK why?! I checked it from the net, side effects of that medicine was really like what I've mentioned before.

Anyway, FYI, it's not very serious. I'm healed now. I don't have dry cough, slight fever and body aches. I just hope, I won't have allergies anymore, since the construction here in the office is still on-going. The cheap smelly paint and dust from the floor is not good at all. It made almost all of my colleagues sick and cough! It was so weird. I hate the feeling of being sick! >.<

One more thing, if you're in a foreign land and/or away from your family, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO GET SICK! I'm sorry, I'm just telling the truth here, and YES, it's based on experience. I am very fortunate to have my BF beside me, taking care and helping me. He's my family away from home. I'm happy to feel home with his love. But if you're away and alone, do give extra care to yourself. Prevention is better than cure. It's hard to be sick when no one is taking care of you, like by simply reminding you to take medicines, feed and cook for you. I swear, I missed my mom when I experienced this, first time.

I'll stop in here. Parking out my hands of the keyboard. I should be talking how busy I am actually. And yet, I'm writing about my MC's. HAHA. I miss my family though, and I'm super glad me and my BF, Dan, talked with them last Sunday. Thanks for the call, Ma. My dad is funny though! I love them all, and of course my king. :)

By the way, my mom is also surprised knowing I'm reading news now, take note, world news, current events, showbiz, technology even economics! HAHA! Thanks to our morning session, I'm fond of reading more on what is happening in the world. Before, I'm thinking, what can I do about all these world problems but pray, so I hate reading news. Now, still the same, I always pray for the world and everyone, but I'm reading news. Some news just can't help me but make me sometimes sad, and yes, maybe afraid to be in those situations or place, but still hoping for everything to be alright, happy and peaceful.

I love you world. Peace, love & happiness to everyone.

Hugs, KG

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