Friday, 27 February 2015

Tuesday Movie Date Deal

Tuesday for us is a Movie Day! My BF loves to watch movie sooooooo much! I think, he can watch his favorite movies for like 30 times (or maybe more?!!) As long as there is an internet, (he can download or watch it online,) he will watch same movies/series again and again! That's how addicted he is! LOL. You are so cute my king! And I love everything about you. Thank you for showing me amazing movies and series! Thank you for teaching me how to be lazy sometimes, just chill and watch.

Anyway, we do mostly watch movies in Golden Village, and book online. If you have an active NRIC here in Singapore you can always sign up and be a member. You can book directly with them too, but it's a bit troublesome to travel to the cinema and book the tickets personally. If you're maybe on the way and everything is planned, then it's fine. Buy the tickets personally, 1 or 2 days in advance, so you can choose a very good seat during the movie. If it's unplanned, then settle for the seats available. Any seats will be of the same price, no change. :P

Nowadays, online booking is very much convenient. It saves you time and money for travelling. Plus booking online will also give you a clear view of the seating plan and choose the best seat for the movie. It's very good and hassle free, just login and pay by a credit card, then done. You have your Quick Tix. As for me and my boyfriend, we only have a debit card so we use it.

 GV Movie club membership entitles you to have a dollar discount every Tuesday. You may want to check some quick FAQ's, for more information if you'll be interested. As for today, I will only share about our Tuesday Movie Date Deal, we're currently enjoying twice a month (or sometimes trice with some certain circumstances to consider :P ) in Golden Village, Singapore. 

Movie tickets during the weekdays is usually $7.50/ticket plus $1.50 convenience/booking fee, except on Thursday (and weekends.) The price is 12/ticket and $1.50 convenience fee. You may ask why Thursday is expensive. Well, as for the new movies is being release in cinemas every Thursday here in Singapore, and for the weekends, of course, no question about it. It's almost everyone's off day! Yey! :D

Let me give you a quick calculation and comparison for a sweet couple movie date.

 $               9.50
 $             19.00
 $             20.50
 $               6.50
 $             13.00
 $             14.50
 ($20.50 - $14.50)
 $               6.00
* G.Total = Stands for Grand Total with additional $1.50 booking fee.
* All prices quoted above is in SGD

Weekend and Thursday movie is very expensive, $9.50/ticket plus the convenience fee of $1.50. So for both of us is $20.50. Tuesday Movie Date, for both of us, we only pay $14.50. We save $6 from watching a movie! Awesome Tuesday Movie Deal, right?!! Ohhh yeah! :D :D

Watching movie in cinema here is one of the many activities you can relax yourself from the busy city of Singapore, and not a lot of people really knew about this deal, for some reason. So if you share and spread this, you are cool! LOL. Well, as for us, both of our colleagues doesn't know about this. And when they do, they bring their families to watch cartoons in a big screen! Good family bonding during the week, and after work! AWESOME!

So what are you waiting for? Chill and relax yourself by watching a good movie you like in a very comfortable place, cool air-conditioned room, good soft seat, Dolby surround sound and with a big, huge screen! By the way, don't forget to indulge yourself with their tasty salted or sweet popcorn, chips or sandwiches! We prefer the DBS Combo, $8, in salted popcorn with 2 regular drinks, and we pay with the use of our DBS debit card. (That's a different deal story though!) Try and just check it out!

Feel free to sign up and enjoy! Quick registration: HERE, or you may download this cool cellphone Singapore movie application: Popcorn: SG Movie Showtimes. Just click the "pink" links for more information. :)

Happy Watching Everyone!
Peace, Love & Happiness! xx

*** Updated Thursday, 30th July 2015 ***

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