Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Saturday in Singapore: Siloso Beach Activity

Hi everyone, as previously mentioned last Saturday, we went to the beach and had so much fun! I'm very happy, we finally had the time to visit Sentosa for beach swimming. Actually since last month, I kept asking my BF and friends to have a 2015 First Beach Swimming Jam. HAHA! But it's a bit hard to find time, and we're always ask by another friend to do something else. Anyway, last Saturday, I was really very excited and happy that we finally made it to the beach, enjoyed the water, sunshine and each other's company away from the busy city of Singapore. It was indeed relaxing!

As promised, here are some of the beautiful photos at Siloso Beach Resort. (I'm sorry, if I uploaded it a bit late.)

This is just the beach fun activity we had last Saturday. We also went to Mambo Beach Club and dine at Sand Bar & Flame. The place was lovely and sweet. (Thank you for the awesome date, my king! You are very sweet! I'm the happiest queen!) We ate the babyback ribs and cute little yummy burgers, both are with side dishes of some potatoes and salad. The food was good and reasonable, ranges from $10-20. They also have a band playing to make the place more romantic. I had strawberry frozen margarita and for my BF was long island iced tea. The beers and cocktails are almost of the same price. I think, we just added $3 for a cocktail, instead of getting a beer. Drinks are expensive here in Singapore, it ranges from $12-$16. It is advisable to drink at home or outside before entering any club. LOL. By the way, there were also lovely fireworks that night! It was awesome! I love watching fireworks and kiss with my king! I find it just so sweeeeeet, like when we went to Bintan and Bali, Indonesia and New Year's Eve Countdown Party! Fireworks, kiss, me and my awesome man! Amaaaaaaazing love! Ohhhhh yeah! *_*

Moreover, I was also surprise to learn that Siloso Beach offers much more fun activity now. Before, it was only the Wave House and the MegaZip adventure. Now, I saw the jet ski pulling a donut shape floating boat where you can ride in a lying position. Looks not scary though! HAHA. There is also kayaking, which I think more reasonable in terms of price and rental period. I posted a photo with some of the activities and with it's corresponding price, for more information. Next time, we will try the kayaking once have friends to enjoy and take pictures with. :D :D

More pictures below. A sexy shot of my handsome, cool photographer. I mean my Mr. Awesome King. :)

Sentosa is really fun as you can go to a lot of places, like Universal Studio, SEA Aquarium, Trick Eye 3D Museum, Tanjong Beach Club, Siloso Beach, Palawan Beach and more! You can also choose a lot of fun-filled activity, like luge, cable car, swimming, iFly and so much more! Beach is the cheapest, as you only need to pay the entrance fee of $4. Before it was actually only $3. I'm planning to get the one year pass in Sentosa for $25. LOL. I still need to check more about it. :D :D

Singapore is a very fast-paced city. You need to learn how to relax, unwind and balance your time with friends, special someone, work and time for yourself, "the Me Time, pamper time, whatever you call it," it is always important to have a quality time for yourself, where you can do what you want and enjoy. Balance is the key to aprreciate more and love this fast-paced city life away from home. Once you learn all these and master, you can survive Singapore, and live happily, peacefully, and relax! HAHA. Don't mind it, this is just me, maybe? :) :P

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