Saturday, 7 February 2015

Bonjour Saturday!

I had a very good sleep last night, almost like 10 hours in total. I'm so happy, since I'm lacking sleep the previous days. You may ask why? Well, I think, because of doing so much OT? Our dinner, series watching, talking and annoying each other routine is late. It even made me lazy to do excercise. I hope, my system will adjust soon with this OT thing. If it won't work out, then I'll make a new one to fit my specifications. HAHA.

I'm talking IT-style again. People always mistake me doing IT, as a profession, since I'm into systems. Ahh, Whatever! I really hope, I can switch back to IT. I'm thinking about it. It would be nice maybe...? And to practice what I really studied in college.

Anyway, we're going to the beach today. I'm so excited! I may post photos later. Let's see. I'll do my best.

Happy Saturday everyone! I hope you guys are enjoying the weekend.

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