Monday, 16 February 2015

How We Spent the Valentine's Day - February 14, 2015

Hello everyone! This is how we celebrated Valentine's day here in Singapore. It's quite simple but very sweet! My BF, Dan, surprised and fetch me running in the office with a lovely cute bouquet of pink/peach roses. I was also rushing as I needed to complete my Box of Love with chocolates and buy yummy J.CO donuts as my Valentine's gift for my king! 

I was surprised and very happy to see him! My BF is always cute and cool, but that day, he was extra, extra super cute, cool and awesome, dressed like My Super Man. ( Ohhhh yeah! :P ) He was running to catch and fetch me with flowers! It was very sweet! He told me that he was worried as I was not replying his message. He thought, I left the office early, but I was just busy doing my Box of Love for him. I was not expecting at all, as we already have a plan for Valentine's Day. The original plan was to dress-up, as I also wanted to use my new Urban Decay, Naked3 make-up. LOL. We will have a date, like a picnic or dinner, but suddenly everything was change. LOL! I love it, as everyone love surprises! 

Above photo is my DIY Box of Love, inspired by Youtube and Tumblr. I was a bit shy with my gift, as it was incomplete. I still need to buy the chocolates and donuts. Last year, I gave him a DIY card with 6 sweet vouchers, he can redeem from me. This year was a Mickey & Miney Mouse card, donuts and the Box of Love with full of hearts, chocolates and 4 cute, little vouchers inside that he can pick and ONLY CHOOSE ONE. Hahaha! There was a Jackpot prize though, where all the 6 sweet vouchers from the last year can be use again! I was so excited to make him choose. It was funny because we were actually on the street, as he fetch me and I showed him right away my gift and made him choose. I like the game we played! Unluckily and luckily for me, he didn't had the jackpot prize! Instead, he got the voucher of "Hugs & Kisses," which he redeemed right away that time! The 3 left vouchers was "Breakfast in Bed," "Let's Buy You Something" and "The Jacpot Prize." Hahaha! I love you baby! I still have the face you had when you asked about the jackpot prize, and I told you. Try again next time. I made you try twice, but the jackpot prize was not just meant to be. Hahahaha! Kiss! Kiss! 
Thank you for the lovely, pink roses my king, for fetching me and for our delicious lunch at Pepper Lunch. Thank you for surprising me and making me always happy with your unlimited sweetness, thoughtfulness and love. Thank you for everything! I will always be here for you.

 My OOTD: The blue dress is from Roxy and yellow cardigan from Bershka. I'm also using a fancy brown feather earings my BF bought me from one of the booths in Siloso Beach, Sentosa.

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