Sunday, 18 January 2015

Yehey, Hello & Welcome 2015!

Today is Sunday, 18th of January. This is my first post in my new website! Hello to you, busy reader. :)

I am currently at work. Agggr! It's really funny! System migration since Wednesday, and still OT this Sunday. Funny in a sense, like I'm not busy, just sitting and doing my thing. I even managed to finish my own website! It's simple and personal but I was paid during those times, even now. LOL! I'm cool! :D

Anyway, super BIG, HUGE credit to my 'pag-ibig' who gave me my domain name, as a New Year's special present. I was so surprised when he told me, I have my own domain name! Thank you my king for all the wonderful thigs, tender, love and care you're always showing me. Thank you. Thank yooooou!

One goal done from my list, my own website. It's up and running. I had a very good time, doing and planning! I was thinking to keep a journal, but it was sooo old school, and then maybe a website but private. No face showing, no personal names and stuffs, and I realized it was not sooo me! I felt abnormal actually, that was last 3rd of January, btw. HAHA!

I'll end this post for a while, since this is my first entry but I'll be back soon since I had some journal post, I think, I want to transfer ~ like my 2015 goals and diet. :)

I just want to say, I'm happy because of my new website! I super-duper liiiiike it, and happy weekend everyone!

Peace, Love and Happiness! Kisses and Hugs! xx

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