Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The Blog Challenge

Hi everyone, these are the topics and reasons, I'm thinking and wanted to write. This is not really planned or in particular order. I'm just thinking to maximise the use of my new website and try to write.

I guess, this is indeed a challenge for me, as I'm also having a hard time to write. LOL! Blame it to the word of "laziness and busy." :D :D

What's inside my everyday bag?
My bag is always heavy. By writing what's inside, I can somehow (maybe?) decide what should stay and not necessary to be inside my bag and bring at work everyday.

Places I've been to in Asia/Europe, and looking forward to see.
Travel record for fun. :)

Easy access to some of my favorite websites that might also interest you or others.

My first date with Mr. Awesome.
The firs date with my Mr. Awesome made me feel ~ I looked cute than normal. :P

The Little Girl's Updated List of Dreams.
My mom mentioned before, I should change my little girl dreams for a "long-term-like goal." She also added that dreams/priorities in life will change as time goes by. So she let me with my girl dreams but after a year, I realized and therefore conclude, mother knows best.

Favorite song(s) for the month.
I love different types of music. :)

Movie Reviews
I learned to watch a lot lately because of my cool boyfriend. Writing movie reviews will improve my memory in popcorn movie topics. :P

Reviews on restaurant we go and eat.
People love to eat, so am I and my king. :)

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