Tuesday, 20 January 2015

My Dinner Menu for 2015

I made this post in my journal last 6th of January, 2015.

Monday - Fish & Vegetables

Tuesday - Meat & Soup / Treat Movie Day Out

Wednesday - Potatoes & Meat

Thursday - Vegetables with Meat

Friday - Pasta or Bihoon / Treat

Note: More fruits and water, less rice and more on healthy lifestyle and diet.

All of the above mentioned is just an idea for me to know what to cook on dinner and share with my king. I am mostly doing OT at work now, (OT stands for "overtime") so it would be nice if I would not think about the dinner menu once I reach back home. It saves my time thinking and gives me more time of doing other things, like more on some other interesting stuffs. LOL!

Leaving here in Singapore, I guess, I learned so much awesome techniques of creating my own system ~ like to make things fast, effective, easier and fun! I am not required to cook at all, but cooking loves me! And I love learning! Cooking is also one fun activity to share with my special one. Cooking also saves our budget for eating outside, and monitors our diet.

I'm looking forward to cook for my family back in Philippines. My mom, dad and grandmothers will certainly be surprise! My little brothers will totally love me more! HAHAHAHA!

Anyway, I can maybe share the link of my album of some of the foods I cooked for me and my king. I will also be updating the album every once in a while. :)

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