Friday, 23 January 2015

List of some websites I super like.

I mentioned that I will list down some of my favorite website. So here it goes:

Grooveshark - My music collection online. I can play wherever I go. I don't store music on my phone, since I started using an Apple cellphone. It's quite troublesome, that's why. 

My Music Collection: Click Here :)

TripAdvisor - I usually use this website booking flight tickets, checking hotels, places to go and reviews. I like it very much as it helps me a lot on planning our trip.

Our Little Earth - I love reading international news. The website is actually for kids, but I feel comfortable reading it. LOL! I get informations and share it in our morning session from this website. It's been like 4 months that I'm using this, since September 2014. I do like it because it's very informative and updated every after two weeks.

Business Insider - My email is subscribed to this news website. I like it as it is very up to date about everything in the world ~ current events, technology, business and more! My favorite subject to read is about business and technology.

Facebook - I use it mostly to connect with my family, friends and classmates. It takes my time a lot if I won't control myself, browsing and looking at beautiful photographs of my loved ones. :)

Youtube - I used youtube mostly for makeup tutorial and watch music videos.

My Crazy & Funny Videos: Click Here :)

Tumblr - My previous blog is here, and I browse more photos. :)

My Tumblr Account: Click Here :)
Instagram - I love it because of the people I followed. They are mostly sharing beautiful portraits around the world, and day to day images and captured in a very good style. I followed mostly fashion/model bloggers, photographers, family and close friedns.

My IG Collection: Click Here :)

Picmonkey - Just recently when I'm doing my website, I've learned this online photo editor. I love it because it's very user friendly.

How about you? Do you have any favourite websites that you always visit?
Let me know, and let's be friends! Xoxo :)

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