Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Klingande - Jubel

Hello everyone! I guess, this is my favorite song since last year, end of August, 2014. I'm very much into this kind of music, like with saxophones, a bit of lyrics but more on to music, like edm and electro. (I'm also into Dubstep and Pop.) I first heard this song, Jubel by Klingande, when we were on the plane going to my dream city, Paris France. Oh yeah, it was indeed a lovely experience! I hope, I could share stories sooooooon!

Anyway, so far, I'm still into this song, that is why I'm sharing. I guess, that's it.. Happy listening guys! And yeah, it's Wednesday! Happy Wednesday! For all of you guys know, Wednesday is one of my most favorite day. IDK why? But I really like it. Not because of Ladies' Night Out but maybe also because... that was the day when I was born. HAHA! Happy listening again and enjoy the rest of the day. XOXO x ♥Love, KG

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