Monday, 19 January 2015

My Goals for the Year, 2015

Hi, this post was from my journal entry last 6th of January, Tuesday at work. :)

Start: I'm just writing whatever comes in my mind. This is in "no particular order."

1. Learn to bake cakes and muffins. --> Haven't buy my oven. LOL!
2. Visit Philippines with my king and let him meet my family. --> DONE!!! :)
3. Renew my PSP contract. (February) --> DONE!!! :)
4. Attend the PR application. (May) --> I didn't pursue due to my late pass approval.
5. Apply for Schengen visa. (March) --> DONE!!! :)
6. Visit Hungary again, and attend my king's brother wedding. --> DONE!!! :)
7. Collect my new passport. (February) --> DONE!!! :)
8. Pay the full tuition fee of my little brother. (June) --> My mom sponsored.
9. Do OT ~ 3 to 4 times a week. *Crossed finger* --> Ongoing.. :)
10. Home cook ~ 4 times a week, 1 treat day in a week, Saturday flexi ~ king's meal for the queen or outside meal. --> Ongoing.. :)
11. Two (2) movies in a month. --> Ongoing.. :)
12. Friday is room cleaning day and washing of clothes. --> Ongoing.. :)
13. Lose at least 5-6kg. Target weight is 45-48kg. (I'm currently 52kg after the holidays! Grrrr!) --> Need to check my weight. LOL! :))
14. Exercise, run/jog ones or twice a week. Do some hula-hoop and jumping rope while watching TV or listening to music at least everyday or thrice a week. --> I will need to work it out. LOL!
15. Join a 5K marathon with my king. --> This month! Yey! :)
16. Try some fun photo shoot. --> Yesss, we tried and we will try again! :)
17. Go to church every first Sunday of the month. --> Need to improve.
18. Wake up early on Sunday, like 10AM and prepare breakfast. --> Need to improve.
19. Encourage my king to do PhD. --> Ongoing.. :)
20. Read news and be updated. --> Ongoing.. :)
21. Learn to properly and effectively communicate. No shouting, always calm and kind. No talking of nonsense and make people feel bad. --> Need to improve.
22. Save for the future wedding with my king. --> Ongoing.. :)
23. Read a book. --> Need to improve.
(I'm thinking, "Marissa Mayer and the Fight to Save Yahoo." by Nicholas Carlson)
24. Make a new blog / own website. (DONE) *Super happy* --> DONE!!! :)
24. Learn to drive. *Crossed finger* --> I will need to work it out.
25. Make a scrapbook. (On process) --> Need to improve.

End: PS. So far, these are the list of my goals for this year, 2015. I might update this once in a while, so stay tuned, and I’ll keep you posted!

How about you? Do you have any goals you want to do and accomplish this year? You better start thinking and write now. It's amazingly wonderful scratching goals you've done!

Peace, Love & Happiness! 

Comments above updated 9th September, 2015. :)

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